Teme Valley Tractors

Teme Valley Tractors

After Modo LED Installation

Annual Energy Savings


Annual Maintenance Savings


Savings Over 10 Years


Payback Period

20 Months

Teme Valley Tractors Limited are a New Holland franchise who have been in business for over 30 year, selling and servicing agricultural machinery from their 3 branches in the West Midlands and Powys area

Modo upgraded the lighting at the Welshpool branch to produce significant energy savings and improved light levels. We also helped the customer to secure a 36 month, interest free loan through the Carbon Trust to cover the full cost of the lighting and installation

The warehouse and workshop were fitted with a mixture of T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes, 24 fittings in total with an energy consumption of over 6kW. We replaced these fittings with 24 pieces of the Modo LED 60W Linear Light which reduced the energy consumption by more than 80%

In the showroom we replaced twin fluorescent fittings with the Modo LED Opal 60W Linear Light, suspended from the ceiling

Modo LED 40W Batten Lights replaced the fluorescent tubes in the offices, reception and corridors

The exterior of the building is now lit by the Modo LED 50W Flood Light, replacing the previously installed 150W Flood Lights and reducing the energy consumption by 66%