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Monkmoor Glass


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Project Outline

Monkmoor Glass & Glazing Ltd are established glaziers working across the whole of Shropshire. For the last 13 years they have been market leaders in the supply and installation of uPVC and Aluminium windows, doors and custom built conservatories.

Based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire Monkmoor Glass & Glazing specialise in the restoration of traditional leaded lights. A dedicated on-site studio ensures they have the specialist tools to replicate, design and produce panels of the highest quality.

Approached by Modo Lights, Monkmoor Glass were initially looking at reducing their energy bills to increase investment into the on-site showroom and existing workshop facilities.

After completing an initial survey, they were impressed with the savings to be made. We then offered Monkmoor Glass a initial  trial period in their leaded light studio, to insure that the any replacement lights would be suitable for the highly skilled work carried out.

Three weeks into the trial Monkmoor Glass confirmed they were delighted with the trial lights installed and that they wanted to go ahead with a full LED switch across the site.

The Solution

A total of 45 lights across three floors, switched from a mixture of halogen, fluorescent and metal halide lights to more efficient and environmental friendly LED lights.

Leaded Light Studio

In the Leaded Light Studio, we replaced a mixture of different length fluorescent tubes with Modo LED 60W Linear Lights.

By replacing the multi-length fluorescent tubes with standard length fittings. We could achieve higher quality light levels without producing shaded and unevenly lit areas, that had been previously causing problems in the studio.

Main Workshop

The main workshop required the most amount of work compared to the rest of the site.

We re-wired all of the existing electrical trunking using suspended steel, to help us to create a new lighting layout. This vastly improved the uniformity and distribution of new LED lights installed.

In total we replaced a total of 14 different kinds of fluorescent tube fittings with 8 x Modo LED 60w Linear Lights reducing the totally energy consumption from 1372W to 480W.


Being the main entrance for customers, it was equally important to get the best possible levels of light in this area.

Starting with the ceiling lights we replaced 3 x 125w 8ft fluorescent tubes (currently being discontinued from use) with 3 x 60W Linear Lights increasing light output and reducing the amount of energy used by 48%

We then swapped the outdated compact fluorescent bulbs fitted in the conservatories within the showroom area. We changed 6 x 30w CFL E27 Bulbs to 6 x Modo LED 7W E27 GLS Bulbs. The LED GLS Bulbs installed are immediate start bulbs which means that unlike the CLF Bulbs previously used there is no ‘warm-up’ time needed to achieve the maximum level of light output.