MOTa Tech Case Study

MOTa Tech Case Study


Costs Before LED

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Projected Costs After LED Install

Annual Energy Costs


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Project Outline

MOTaTech are a trusted garage specialising in MOT services for all classes of vehicle including Motorbikes, Cars, Light Commercials & Motorhomes.

Since moving into their unit in 2014 MOTaTech struggled to achieve the quality light levels needed to carry out intricate work on customers vehicles. After installing additional fluorescent lights at working height, they found the glare and reflection too much.

Approached by Modo Lights, MOTaTech wanted advice on increasing the light levels within the workshop area and tyre/tool storage area, without increasing the amount of fixtures and or energy costs

The Solution

Whist carrying out the lighting survey our consultant outlined the current lighting levels, the type and number of fittings. Looking to address key lighting issues such as insufficient light, glare, improper contrast and poorly distributed light.

Main MOT Bay

To replace the inefficient 250w Sodium-Vapor Lamps within the area we opted to install 120w Bay Lights with 120 degree reflector shades. The Bay Lights deliver a high output of 125 lumens per watt which was ideal to get the correct lighting levels. Adding the shades meant that the light was focused down to the work area below.

Tyre/Tool Storage Area

Within this area we replaced six 72w fluorescent panels and two 70w fluorescent T8 Tubes with four Modo 60w Batten lights. Not only halving energy usage within in this area but also addressing the poorly distributed light.