BML Hayley- Shrewsbury

BML Hayley- Shrewsbury

After Modo LED Installation

Headline Savings

Annual Energy Savings


Annual Maintenance Savings


Savings Over 10 Years


Payback Period

19 mths

Project Outline

The Hayley Group is the UK’s largest and fastest growing independent supplier of its kind and currently consists of over 37 branches throughout the UK and Eastern Europe. The group currently employs approximately 600 dedicated staff to supplying some of the finest organisations in the UK

Modo carried out a full site survey to evaluate the existing fittings and produced a brand new lighting scheme to increase and improve the lighting in all areas of the branch. This included the sales counter, offices, warehouse, workshop and all areas in between.

The Outcome


The sales counter and showroom display area were transformed by replacing the dull fluorescent tubes with Modo 40W Batten Lights giving a much brighter first impression for customers entering the premises. All of the product displays are now fitted with Modo LED T8 Tubes

Offices now benefit from the Modo High Output Panel Lights, at 40W these save nearly 80% of the energy of the original 4*36W fluorescents. In areas where there was no recessed ceiling surface mount frames were used with the panels to overcome this

The main warehouse area was fitted with 24 x 8ft twin T12 tubes consuming a massive 312W per fitting, accounting for more than half of the lighting electricity cost within the branch.

We replaced these fittings with Modo 1500mm Linear Lights, at 60W each these lights consume just 20% of the power of the existing fittings, while producing a better quality light.