Benefits of LED Lighting

The LED lighting market is experiencing rapid growth.

Previously the higher cost of LED lighting meant businesses were reluctant to make the initial higher investment in order to save over the long term. With around 40% of new build projects now specifying LED lighting we are able to benefit from mass production volumes, allowing us to supply a higher quality product at a considerably lower price.

The reduction in the price of our LED lighting, along with the opportunity for businesses to reclaim via the enhanced capital allowance scheme 20% of the project cost within the first year, allows our clients to take advantage of an average return on investment of between 1-2 years.

In addition to the cost savings to be made, modern LED lights also create an improved working environment. There are many independent studies that demonstrate traditional lighting can cause headaches and tiredness, by switching to LED this problem is eliminated due to their flicker free, silent operation, and better quality of light.

Energy Saving

Modo LED lights use up to 90% less power than traditional fittings to produce the same light output


Exceptionally efficient power supplies result in a dramatic improvement in the power factor of the building

Maintenance Free

A lifespan of +100,000 hours and light depreciation of less than 1% per year, against traditional lighting which loses up to 30% of their output within 18 months, eliminating the need for frequent bulb changing

Quality Light

Modo LED lights provide a CRI value greater than 80 that produces high quality, true to life colours, with no red/orange glow

Control & Management

No warm up or cool down time required so the lights are instantly on or off, as required, allowing them to work perfectly with motion sensors


No moving parts, resistant to vibration and strong IK rated covers

Zero UV Emissions

No UV light is produced eliminating the risk of fading to light sensitive materials. No attraction for insects helps reduce cleaning time

Sealed Units

Ideal for the food industry, all fixtures are sealed with easy clean polycarbonate diffusers preventing contamination from insects, dust or moisture

No Harmful Gasses

LED light is produced by a semi-conductor mounted on an aluminium PCB, housed inside the sealed polycarbonate unit. Unlike traditional fittings they contain no gas, therefore there is no risk of explosion

Directional Light

The light output stays within the designated beam angle so no light is wasted eliminating light pollution. No need for inefficient reflectors

Low Temperature

LED’s run cool reducing air conditioning costs

Environmentally Friendly

Reducing harmful C02 emissions by the reduction of energy consumption and also 100% recyclable as do not contain toxic materials

Financial Advantages of LED Lighting

There are very few cost saving opportunities for businesses that can provide a return on investment of up to 100% within the first year. The rapid reduction in the cost of LED lighting coupled with enhanced performance means the business case to switch to LED is now compelling

Modo LED lights use up to 90% less power than traditional light fittings offering a return on your investment in as little as 6 months, and always within 2 years

The lack of infrastructure in the UK for the provision of energy means that we can expect the price of power to continue increasing, in addition we have recently seen the addition of a carbon tax levy to business electricity bills. Therefore the savings that we are demonstrating in year one will continue to increase through the life of our LED products

In many cases we have been able to offer clients a reduction in the number of fittings installed in their premises while maintaining the current light levels due to the superior light output from our LED luminaires

Our products conform to the requirements of the Government ECA scheme allowing you to write off the whole cost of the light fittings and installation against taxable profits in the year of purchase. In effect you can recover 20% of the full project cost within the first year, this is before even considering your energy and maintenance savings

With such large savings to achieve many clients believe that even if the capital is not currently available within the business, borrowing the funds to convert their premises to LED lighting makes sense financially. Typically lenders will offer at 5% interest allowing you to take immediate advantage of the energy savings that could represent the entire purchase cost of the fittings within 1-2 years

The maintenance free operation of Modo LED lights not only saves you the direct expense of repair costs. The time taken for diagnosis, physical repairs, non-productivity and the overall aesthetic impact of lights being out are all factors that can have a negative impact on your business. LED lighting also uses exceptionally efficient power supplies that result in a dramatic improvement in the power factor of the building and therefore an additional saving on your electricity bill

Our LED lights feature instant on/off meaning no warm up or cool down time is required, allowing further savings to be achieved by the installation of occupancy sensors. Often these savings can represent 90% of the existing running cost of the lighting

Modo also works closely with the Carbon Trust to help our clients in Wales & Northern Ireland secure interest free loans payable over 36 months to completely fund the cost of your LED lighting and installation